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We are a Pacific Northwest based hair + makeup team, serving brides locally and at their dream destination. We want you to see yourself like your fiancé does when he looks at you with adoring eyes. He’s not making a list of all your flaws – he’s staring at the sparkle in your eye and the freckles that he loves.  He sees those gorgeous lashes that tickle him when you kiss and that unruly strand of hair that falls just so to frame your rosy cheeks. He looks at you and only thinks, “wow!” Our mission is to remind you that you are strong, worthy and indescribably WOW.

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The Wild Emerald team is made up of licensed, insured, published hair + makeup artists. They specialize in helping brides feel beautiful on their wedding day and beyond. Click the button below to meet the team!

"I couldn't have looked or felt more beauitful..."

Teal and her team were absolutely phenomenal! She is in fairly high demand so DEFINITELY book as far in advance as you can. That being said, she does everything possible to accommodate you, and she literally SAVED ME when I reached out last minute for help.

We had a different makeup artist that ended up canceling SIX WEEKS before my wedding! I was devastated and so fearful that I would never find someone as good to replace her. I reached out to our vendor team for suggestions and our coordinator said Wild Emerald was by far her favorite.

So I frantically called Teal at 6am on a Monday morning and left a voicemail explaining that I desperately needed her help and was looking for makeup for 9 women on June 12 (6 weeks away!). We received a call back from Teal WITHIN THE HOUR and by 8am she had not only drafted a contract for us but she had also found a gal from her team to help as well. And it’s important to note that Teal ALREADY was booked for TWO OTHER WEDDING MAKEUP SESSIONS on June 12th…but, since she was doing one group before 7am and another after 2pm, she was able to do our group from 8-12. 

So this gal got up at 2am on my wedding day and worked until 7pm to make sure that 3 separate groups could all have their wedding dreams come true. She is a SAINT. And not only was she beyond sweet, super easy to work with, reasonably priced, and so fun to chat with, BUT SHE IS ALSO INCREDIBLY TALENTED. She can do so many different looks and she made all 9 of us feel like princesses. 

All I can say is that I couldn’t have looked or felt more beautiful that day. And honestly, I am so thankful that my original artist quit…because compared to Teal and her team, the original lady looked like an amateur!! Do yourself a favor and call Teal. Wild Emerald has my loyalty for LIFE!  

Katie lucke

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